Mindfulness and Resilience

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Mindfulness and Resilience are beneficial to groups that have high levels of stress in their daily work (e.g. doctors, nurses, EMTs, veterinarians, police, firefighters, social workers, teachers and victim services). If you deal with stressed or traumatized clients, you will benefit by learning resilience methods. Become resilient and thrive.

Alfred Ricci, MBA
Founder, First Responder Resilience
For more information: www.FirstResponderResilience.com

Topic 1

Combating Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Audience: First Responders (or any group that has high levels of stress in their daily work)
This is a hands-on, audience participation workshop to learn and practice methods to increase Resilience to combat the stressful situations they face daily. To perform their best, first responders will benefit from:

1. Mindfulness to keep composure and clarity regardless of what is happening

2. Resilience to let go of what has occurred to be fully prepared for the next event

Topic 2

The ROI of Resilience

Audience: First Responder Directors, Managers, Leaders, or Executives

  • Burnout and Compassion fatigue can cause a first responder to misinterpret, misdiagnose, and misunderstand leading to mistakes.
  • Decreasing burnout and stress means reduced issues and related costs.
  • Building resilience results in increased accuracy, better customer care and higher employee retention.
  • “Addressing this issue is not only the organization’s ethical responsibility, it is also the fiscally responsible one.”

Topic 3

Increasing Customer Service with Mindfulness

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn about and practice methods to increase customer service. Good customer service is not about if employees know how to do their jobs. The fundamental issue is whether they are motivated and passionate about their work.

By using mindfulness and resilience, employees are:

  • Less burdened, and instead happier
  • Less stressed, and more attentive to details and quality
  • Concerned less about themselves, and more caring about the customer


My focus is serving others by sharing what I’ve learned from an extraordinary life.

Alfred Ricci


Alfred has 15 years of teaching personal development workshops, including methods to release severe stress and trauma. Rising from the ashes and harnessing the power of his early years—living in shelters, group homes, and a foster home while attending six high schools in four years—Alfred reveals how even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome.

While working in 23 countries as an international banker, Alfred Ricci experienced some highly stressful business cultures. Combining his knowledge of releasing trauma with understanding the massive stress of corporate life, Alfred's mission is to share the necessary skills to thrive in traumatic work environments.

While working with many traumatized people, it became necessary to create methods to release the negative energy (secondary PTSD, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma) received from his clients. Personal experience with traumatized clients led him to share these skills with First Responders:

  • Mindfulness to keep composure and clarity regardless of what is happening
  • Resilience to let go of what has occurred to be fully prepared for the next event


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“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”

E.M. Forster



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Learn the fundamentals of Mindfulness and Resilience.

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Leaders examine the ROI from Mindfulness and Resilience.


We measure the results of each workshop so you get a documented ROI.

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Mindfulness and Resilience are tools to create better outcomes for clients and patients.

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First Responders experience and practice many methods to build their resilience to stress.

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Work through personal issues by using proven tools to remove the root cause of stress and burnout.



Four individual sessions focus on making substantial progress with personal issues.

EQ Assessment


The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessment pinpoints areas for improvement.

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